Practical info

New entrance is in use, with valid card access as before, door is open, when counter is open

– previous door also in use, but the door is always locked- both sides have changing rooms in use

– when ice-hockey teams area training, that will be informed before, also they have own changing rooms upstairs.

– all the equipments and areas are for everybody, except when there is grouptraining, times will be informed

– all the rules have still the same, put the weights back after use, do not drop weights, magnesium need to clean away if you are using( if you are not cleaning magnesium yourself if used, I will stop that usage)

– accessing to gym if you have not time on your card, you will get penalty for one month

– key fob is for free, but if you lost it, renewing cost 10€

– NOCCO drinks and coffee to buy when service desk is open.

– children playground is ready to use. Own area for kids next to lounge.